Ren Willows LMT
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  • Services Offered:
    60 min hands-on massage $60
    90 min hands-on massage $110
    120 min hands-on massage​​​​ ​$140
    ​Group-on deal! Save 25% on your first Massage!

  • Massage Pre-Paid Package
    ​Buy Four 60 min Massages and
    Save $40! 
    Buy Eight 60 min Massages and Save $60!

Massage is not a tool to diagnose, or cure, any dis-ease. It is a maintenance tool to bring relief from symptoms and correct issues that exist within my scope of practice.
Journey of Healing

Massage is a form of healing art that has been used for thousands of years for its physical and psychological benefits. 
Physically massage heals the body by flushing metabolic waste products from the tissues and into the bloodstream where they may be filtered and expelled from the body. The techniques practiced by Ren Willows relieve muscle tension brought on by stress and physical injury by separating tissues that have become adhered together or "knotted" and relaxes the muscles to ease pain. Massage has the ability to decrease the formation of scar tissue, increase range of motion and flexibility, alleviate chronic pain and muscle spasms, improve posture, and aid in preventing further injury or tears. Psychologically, massage can also reduce stress, depression, anxiety, and has the ability to improve sleep patterns and promote a sense of well-being. ​
Therapeutic Massage in Birmingham Michigan